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Ludvik is primarily an experienced warehouse manager with passion for procurement. He ponders a lot about what products would be exciting to sell, and what comes through his needle eye is arguably of the highest quality. He has an eye for detail and long experience of living with mites so that he knows exactly what these elegant creatures need. Since Ludvik has natural facilities to look after, he keeps his order in the warehouse and no one is allowed to take anything without his approval. Ludvik is a cesky terrier.


Henry is a merited exhibition dog and therefore enjoys some privileges. He is not so keen on work, but he is the social highlight of the employee pack, always making sure that all the others have something to laugh about in a hectic everyday life. Especially if you manage to laugh at things that might not be that funny, you'll appreciate Henry's abilities. Henry's a greyhound.



The foremost attribute Nessie has is her eternal optimism. She thinks things are always going well, as long as they go her way. She therefore saw her cut to coup the director's job by arranging a general meeting and elections when all the others were busy with dogs4all and mourning the fallen director - and chose herself unanimously as director. Her greatest task isto write a separate blog. Nessie is a cesky terrier.



Ellie is the youngest employee, and Henry's PA. That means she helps Henry not do very much. She is also very skilled at creating extra work for the other of us, and keeping us active. Ellie is essentially a future queen, but she has agreed to make an effort with us until it becomes her turn on the throne (we fear it will happen at any time). Ellie's a greyhound.



Unlike the other employees, Bjørn is technically appointed, and has therefore been given the job of IT manager, generally technically responsible, lament wall for us who are less technically gifted as well as janitor (in strong competition with Ludvik for the position). In addition, he is a supporter of Nessie in her director's job because Bjorn has shown to be able to glimpse to with excellent ideas no one else has thought of. Bjørn has an education in IT and is also an NKK instructor with extensive experience in different types of dog sports.



Stepanka is the owner of the store and an of course handy girl in charge of everything from customer service to ordering goods. Originally, Steapnka trained in clothing design and tailoring, but then she moved on to communication and marketing. So he trained in etology/dog behaviour and as a dog trainer. Stepanka is a Czech with more than 25 years of residence in Norway.

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