Are you worried that your four-legged friend is freezing? Here you will learn what to look for.

Dogs are not necessarily created for (extreme) cold. Some breeds are better equipped to withstand the cold, among other things, because their task is, or has been, to look after the cattle, guard the farm or work out with the owner.The woolen scarf is convenient to wear.

A wool sweater that sits excellently on the body is gold worth on cold days. Azawakhen Bani is wearing Kevin jumper Exclusive.  

Many dogs tolerate normal winter without problems and do not need additional attire. But there are several exceptions.

  • Dogs that by nature are very thin (f. ex. minders) have little body fat and are unable to retain heat as well as others.
  • Dogs that have no fur or very little hair (f. ex. naked dogs).
  • Dogs that have origins in very hot countries (e.g. ridgeback) will freeze more easily because they don't have fur and/or fat layers that protect them.
  • Dogs that do not have undercoat, e.g. dogs that have Silk fur.
  • Dogs that are very small (f. ex. miniature dogs) have a small body mass and more difficultly retain heat.
  • Dogs that have short legs are located close to the ground and therefore freeze more easily.
  • Older dogs (regardless of breed) and dogs with different diseases (f. ex. calcifications) will also need help to keep warm, the same applies to puppies.

Hachiko jumper

Older dogs have an easier time freezing, a sweater may be needed on cool days. The terrier Ludvik (12) is wearing a Hachiko jumper 02

If you have one of the above mentioned dogs, it is possible it will need dressing on walks if the temperature creeps towards zero or when it rains.

Other breeds, such as Nordic pointed dogs, feel very well in the cold and have no need for additional help from us to manage.



In sub-zero temperatures, you should always adapt the outdoor time after the dog to preserve good dog welfare. Dogs that freeze tremble, in the same way as humans. They will also be able to lift your legs and trip when you stop and stand still, jump or seemingly limp when you walk, because it's coldest at the ground. Some crumbs back visible, because the dog by nature has a need to curl up together to keep warm. If the dog shows obvious signs of unhappiness and will turn over, it is best to shorten the Walk time or dress on the dog.

Softshell is convenient when the weather is sour - it warms and keeps the weather outside.

A softshell vest in neon colors makes the dog well visible in the terrain, which is especially important in hunting times. The vest keeps the heat in the body, while protecting against thickets and forests. Greyhound Shadow is wearing Hachiko vest Neon.  



When choosing the cover for the dog, first of all think about its function and fit. Take care that the clothes do not hamper movement, especially in the armpits, and they must not be so tight that they cut into the body. Good fit is extremely important, especially for the one who is active. Clothes that are too large and flutter around the body do not heat, clothes that are too small are uncomfortable to move in.

Choose a tire that fits dog body shape, because, like the human body, there are great differences between dogs. Some are long and slim, others are rather short and blunt. Some like to walk with their tail upwards, while others wear it low. One and the same cut will not suit everyone.

The tire that covers the weight-given muscle groups is best.

A sweater is convenient for the active dog, keeps the main muscles warm, while being undressed. The Belgian shepherd dogzili is wearing Kevin jumper

Think about what you're going to use your deck for, and then choose. It is not necessarily so that the thicker the tire, the better for whatever purpose. Feature have much more to say. Does it rain a lot? Then you need the raincoat. Is it cool, but dry? Then a sweater is a good choice. Are you going on a mountain trip or do you live in a harsh place? Then enough softshell is good to have. When the cold sets in for the winter, it's time for the winter tires.



A tire that sits well will not move appreciably during movement. It will give the dog freedom to move, and not gnaw or cut into the skin.
A tire that flutters around the dog's body does not give any heat.

The main thing is that the main muscle groups are covered - chest, back and thighs, and that the dog has free movements when walking and running.

Below you will see how a tire sitting excellently behaves during movement - it sits. Azawakhen Abadi is wearing Stitch winter tires